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How to find your job?

There are many ways of finding jobs. A friend could tell you about new jobs that are coming up in a company he knows or in the company he works for. Finding the best jobs from references by your friends and acquaintances may be a difficult task.

To find a top job you would need to present a concise but comprehensive cv, which should invariably be prepared by professionals. The cv will be your first line of communication with a prospective employer, and must impress him for you to be called for an interview.

Employers having vacancies for topjobs would seek only top applicants and you should first present your worthiness on paper with an impressive cv for the employer to call you up for the preliminary interview and when you are called turn up  smartly for the top job.

A few years back top jobs were advertised in the popular newspapers of Sri Lanka and job hunters would flock to purchase the weekend newspaper to browse through for suitable vacancies to match their qualifications, skills and experience.

This was the trend in the country and one well circulated weekend newspaper in particular devoted many pages to carry a myriad of new job vacancies. The circulation of this particular weekend newspaper had impressive figures.

Finding for Sri Lankan jobs has become easier than before, with an impressive array of new job vacancies lined up just for you. The launching of Sri Lanka’s own online jobs vacancies website rakiyawa a few years back has given a tremendous opportunity to all job seekers, across the spectrum a chance to find the best jobs.

The introduction of the open economy lifted the sluice gates for investment opportunities in the country and with it, a host of jobs in Sri Lanka became available catering to everyone with whatever qualifications they possessed. The weekend newspapers as well as the Dailies carried pages of vacancies, with a variety of new jobs.

The rakiyawa website, Sri Lanka’s own and most popular domain for those seeking a top job Sri Lanka will not only help you find the best jobs but will help you with the preliminaries of preparing an impressive cv, and by grooming and giving prospective candidates the finer points of facing interviews.


Modelling as a career

We tend to associate with the misconception that models are attractive females who expose themselves to sell a variety of products and services. This is not so, modeling has no age barrier and if the story board of the advertising company on the request of the marketing company has an octogenarian couple they have to find such models to bring the desired message across to the consumers.     

Modelling is a very lucrative career with international Super models topping earnings of a few million dollars annually. They have achieved the pinnacle of their careers, with high earnings through hard work, commitment, perseverance and by keeping their head above their shoulders. With international brands finding their way into Sri Lanka our models too would have their day soon in the future.

Sri Lankan models do not have the same opportunities here, but with the same attitudes could make a mark on the local scene. Unlike in the past, a career in modelling is not looked down today, as it is known that this profession is an integral part of the marketing industry.

Marketing and advertising companies seek to hire Sri Lankan models to enhance the marketability of their products and services. There are only a very few advertisements without featuring any models in Sri Lanka today.

Some very popular Sri Lankan hot models who are much sought after by marketing and advertising agencies earn above average remunerations. They are classified as such because their services are much sought after and are highly marketable personalities.

The well paid male models and female models in Sri Lanka like their counterparts the world over, are kept busy with tight schedules, where they have to meet deadlines on various assignments. They have to keep to strict time schedules, as a photo or video shoot involves many other supporting staff and delays could be costly, to everyone concerned.

 The fashion industry is bursting at it’s seams today, and is worth billions of dollars worldwide, and the business of finding models for fashion irrespective of the age group is a tedious task faced by the advertising agencies.

The fashion industry in Sri Lanka is on par with the rest of the world due to our contribution to it with all big names in the industry having factories here turning out a variety of clothing. 


Weddings at auspicious times

A majority of Sri Lankans believe in the stars, and what beholds them and their future. Whilst predictions and auspicious times dished out by Astrologers are welcome and followed by many, it could also not bode well on all the people of our nation when the unforeseen happens. The recent drastic upheaval in the country based on strange astrological predictions is a case in point.

Function Junction has brought solace to many who have been in a dilemma, when it comes to organizing weddings and other functions of a larger scale. Bringing the three important segments together on one platform has proved that however big the wedding, function or occasion is, if the logistics are delegated the going will be easy.

Those planning a wedding on one side, the organizer of the event on one side and the suppliers of all items from A-Z, on the other will build a healthy relationship and a successful end to an important function.

The wedding planner will have free access to the site along with the organizer, but the service or product supplier will be registered on payment of a nominal annual fee. Registration of the product or service supplier will be subject to certain conditions.

Function Junction will be a “Who’s who” list of the best in the business, with planners also called members who would stand to get the most competitive prices. We will only facilitate but will not be involved in any monetary transactions.

The list could be impressive, but not limited to only the following. Others are welcome to come aboard and join the bandwagon, bring their wares and offer it at competitive prices. Service and price with a tag of reliability will stand in good stead.

Function Junction would have the best Party locations, the best and largest Tent suppliers, stylish Mehendi artists, Party hire specialists with everything anyone wants and attractive Wedding stationery.

A wedding will not be what it should be if the ladies do not compete with each other showing off their colourful sarees. From the best textures to the expensive ones, the resplendent colours are surely going to be something to behold. The Dress makers would be highly spoken of, in loud whispers.

Then the Band hire and Dj hire to rock the guests and bring the joy that all weddings bring.